CGC CGC DETECTIVE COMICS #33 7.0 OW 1973264001
CGC DETECTIVE COMICS #33 7.0 OW 1973264001
$72,500.00 USD

CGC DETECTIVE COMICS #33 7.0 OW 1973264001

$ 72,500.00
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Product description
                ORIGIN OF BATMAN!
* Batman's 4th ever Cover appearance
Batman's 1st use & Image with a gun.    
One of the 3 most valuable issues in the entire run of the distinguished title, this issue ranks number three, behind only issues #1 and #27, and the this issue is currently listed at #16 on Overstreet's list of Top 100 Golden Age Comics.  
Conserved (Blue lable with grey top) Blue lable universal copies can contain tape inside to mend tears yet still maintain it's universal status, however when leaf casting is done to mend the tears of interior pages it is considered conservation, or the conserving of the page.  The distinguishing differnce can be very slight.  Conserving can also include, as in the case of this copy, adding Original Unrestored pages into an Original Unrestored book.  
Qualified (green lable) books which sell for considerably more than Restored copies often include an coupon cut from the issues that affects the story. 
Retstored (purple lable) copies generally include serious alterations to the cover such as pieces added, color touch etc.  Whatever the repairs are they typically are listed within CGC's notes for the book.  
The conservation for this particular issue involves the insertion of original pages from a 2nd copy, an act of conservation that does not constitue restoration, as well as light leaf casting of interior pages rather than the use of tape, which is permitted on universal blue lable copies.  .  
The Cover of this copy issue remains untouched, the same as any universal blue lable. -- This is very significant as only
a handfull of copies exist with the grade of 7.0 or higher.
Sixty four (64) CGC universal graded copies have been graded with only two at the lofty level of CGC 7.0. 
One (1) This copy of Detective Comics #33 represents the only copy ever given "Conservation Status" by CGC.  
Three (3) qualified copies exist albeit in the lowest of grades (All 2 CGC 1.0 or less)
Thirty Eight (38) restored copies exist. 
This conserved copy should righfully price out closer to that of a universal copy rather than that of a restored copy with both universal and conserved valued at multiple times that of a restored copy.  
A new record for the sale of a CGC 6.5 universal copy was set in March of this year when it sold for a whopping $288,000.
The significance of this issue cannot be understated and continues to escalate during a time in which other books have not. This can be demonstrated by the recent 6.5 sale exceeding last years sale of a CGC 8.0 for $192,000 in April of 2022!  Other than these two sales there has not been a blue lable copy of this issue in any grade north of 5.0 since 2018. 
A a very scarce book
CGC Census: 64 Blue lable universal copies
                      38 Restored Copies  
                        3 Qualified 
                        1 Conserved Copy 


Publisher DC COMICS
Date Issued: NOV 1939
Condition CGC 7.0 Conserved   
Page Quality:   Off White Pages
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